Mission lose the baby weight; Weeks 1, 2 & 3

So, I’m not going to go on about all this “new year, new me thing” that pretty much half the population tend to do in the new year.

I finally feel like I have life, and being a mum under control. I semi feel like I know what I am doing, we sort of have a routine and Bella SLEEPS!

I feel like I can function a bit more like a normal person rather than a mombie.

We have also sort of decided we would like to have another baby at some point, which means more IVF.

We can’t afford to pay for full private cycles, so this means egg sharing again (or if we are lucky getting onto a drug trial).

So basically to egg share (or do the trial) your BMI has to be under 30.

My starting BMI  is 38. So yeah, a teeny tiny bit too high. Gah.

To get my BMI where I want it to be I need to lose 3st 7lb.

I decided not to blog straight away, well because I wanted to make sure I was ready to get my head into the game and start losing weight.

So here I am blogging, and its going well. I’m over 2 and half weeks into my new “thing”.

I’ve decided I’m not going to do any “diets” or any eating plans. I’m not cutting out and food groups. I want something sustainable. I want to change my life, not just lose weight and then it all comes back on when I return back to “normal” eating. I am making a new normal.

I am counting calories, and moving more. It is that simple.

I have joined a buggy boot camp that I do every Thursday, I have started using “Pacer” app on my iPhone (it counts your steps like a pedometer). I have consciously started walking more, it helps that we have gone down from two cars to just one.

I have made myself a few motivational visual aids which I will blog about separately. I find they really help!

I have before pictures, I have taken measurements. I don’t yet feel ok enough about it to share just yet. I am disappointed in myself, when I found out I had fertility problems I lost 7 stone because I knew we would want IVF. I can’t believe I put it back on, I managed to maintain for years but you know what? She is worth every lb. I know if and when we get pregnant again I will take more interest in what I eat, I managed to maintain until 20 weeks with Bella, then we went on an all inclusive honeymoon for 2 weeks and my scales broke (convenient I know!!).

I also just want to put this out there, I weigh daily, this is what I do, its what I’ve always done. It allows me to keep tabs. I don’t throw a tantrum if I put half a lb on, I understand my weight fluctuates, but it stops anything getting out of control.

So, I hope to blog weekly about this. About how I am feeling, how I am doing. Wish me luck!

Week 1 

Week commencing – 2/01/2015

Weight – 17st 2lbs

Started off feeling great, I decided to start writing meal plans, I am prepared the day before, there are no last minute “oh there is nothing in to eat” moments and therefor no take aways.

Increased my walking, started doing a few home work outs.

Really positive week.

Week 2

Week commencing – 9/01/2015

Weight – 16st 7lb

Loss – 9lbs

Well the hard work paid off! I feel great, I feel lighter.

Start my first boot camp this week! Really enjoyed it, hard work but nice to meet other mums in the same boat and Bella enjoyed it!

More walking again, calorie counting going well

Week 3

Week commencing – 16/01/2014

Weight – 16st 6lb

Loss – 1lb

Didn’t expect a huge loss due to last weeks loss. A lb is better than nothing, I googled what a lb of fat looks like and I’m happy enough!