A New Brand of Cloth Nappy – Rock-a-bums

We were recently sent a very exciting package!

It contained a couple of cloth nappies and we all know how slightly obsessed I am with reusable nappies. This brand is not yet available in the UK so it is a bit of an exclusive.

The brand is Rock-a-bums they are an innovative 5 in 1 nappy and come in lots of lovely rock and roll designs. You also have the choice of snaps or velcro.

Personally I prefer some brands in snaps and some brands in velcro and we own a mix of both.

We were sent both snaps and velcro to try out, the fit on both nappies was good but I personally preferred the snaps on this brand, how ever the velcro is very good quality and very sticky.

Now let me explain the 5 in 1 bit, this is very exciting as it allows you to use them in 5 different ways, you can use them as a pocket nappy, you can use them as an all in one, you can use them as an all in two, you can use the bomb proof cover as a cover for a fitted nappy and also they can be used as a hybrid with a disposable insert. So very clever! It’s great to have so many options. We decided to use them as an all in one.


We adjusted the size as needed with the rise snaps and snapped in one insert and off we went. I found them to be a really good fit for Arabella, we are lucky because pretty much every brand of nappy seems to fit her with no issues, she has good proportions but there is plenty of room for adjustment with the rise snaps. The absorbancy of the nappy was good even with just using the one insert, it lasted the normal 4 hour time span between changes with no leaks or issues. If you do have a heavy wetter you have the option of using 2 inserts.

The inserts are made of synthetic fabrics so wash well and dry quickly. This also means they don’t require loads of prewashing, just one cycle and they are ready for the bum.

And lastly here are a couple of picture of Arabella modelling her Rock-a-bums, and I think she is rocking that bum! And as you can see the prints are gorgeous and the fit is just lovely (slightly better on the snaps for us).

IMG_0714 IMG_0717 IMG_0725 IMG_0728 IMG_0737 IMG_0740 IMG_0744 IMG_0745




Putting poop in my washing machine…

You’re instantly thinking “ewwwwww” right?

To be honest a few years ago I would’ve thought the same. I don’t think I would even put my own poop in my washing machine to be honest, but you kind of see poop differently when it’s your babies, I’m not quite sure why?

In the early days when Arabella was poorly I was regularly covered in projectile diaoreah, all over my legs, stomach, arms, you name it! It just used to make me laugh, even more surprisingly it didn’t bother my husband when it happened to him either and this is the man who struggled to pick up our dogs poop without gagging! It’s like as a parent you become immune to it! Haha.

Right now if you’re still with me after me writing poop so many times, well done! I’ll get to the point of my post!

We use cloth nappies, one of the most common reactions to this is the question “what do you do with the poop?”.

Personally this is how I deal with my dirty nappies;

When Arabella was breast fed nappies went straight into our dry pail bucket, or if out and about into out wet bag.

These then went straight in the washer! Breastfeeding poop is water soluble, it just washes away and won’t do anything to your washing machine.

She is now on special prescription formula and without going into detail her poop is very solid, much like adult poop. This is caught by a fleece liner in the nappy.



I basically tip the poop in the loo and flush, then off it goes into our dry pail bucket or wet bag if we are out.

So really hardly any poop actually goes in our washer.

Our washing regime is washing at 40 with either Totsbots Potion which is specifically designed for cloth nappies (and smells like Palma violets sweets, just divine!) or bold 2 in 1 powder, powder is the preferred detergent for cloth as it doesn’t build up like liquid does and affect the absorbency.


First I rinse on cold, this rinses away any left over poop and urine, then I was on a normal cycle which has a rinse at the end, and then I rinse again to make sure any left over detergent is gone!

We try to line dry where possible, but living in the UK the weather isn’t always the best so we tumble dry on the lowest what setting on our dryer.

We wash every 3 or 4 days (we have a huge stash!), we never get any stains really, sometimes we get the odd one but left in the sun they disappear as the suns UV rays bleach the fabric naturally! Clever huh?!

Here’s the dry pail nappy bin we use and one of our wetbags.



Inside the nappy bin is a mesh liner, I unhook it and throw the whole thing in the wash so barely have to touch the nappies and the bin is really good at keeping the smell in. The little tip I have for making the bin smell less is stick a disposable sanitary towel to the inside of the lid, and put a few drops of essential oil on it (I use our lavender and camomile that we use for our cheeky wipes, which are reusable baby wipes which I’ll talk about more in another post!).

And last but not least here is a lovely picture of Arabella flashing her fluff, a Totsbots V3!


Discovering gNappies, cloth nappies done differently.

So we were sent some lovely gNappies and matching dress to review. They came at the perfect time! We already use cloth/reusable nappies but it’s been super hot over the last week or so, we are lucky that our house is nice and cool but when out and about the cloth nappies can get a bit hot as they’re quite thick for optimum absorbency.

The gPants are very slim fitting and light weight with no heavy materials and breathable due to how they are constructed. They consist of a cloth outer, a waterproof inner that snaps on and into that you place the disposable insert. This is another reason why they would be fantastic for a holiday, when you take full cloth nappies it takes up a lot of space and you need proper washing facilities, with these you can just remove the disposable liner and replace so you get a few uses out of the outer and when the outer needs washing they can be easily hand washed and they dry very quickly. This means you only need a few outers and a pack of liners which doesn’t take up much luggage space at all, this also makes them fantastic for long days out. Last but least they are super cute and the range of matching clothes and accessories they do are gorgeous and fantastic quality!

I will definitely be buying the next size up when she grows out of these, they fit fantastically, are very absorbent and we’ve had no leaks. They are also good for the environment as the disposable liners are eco friendly and compostable!! Very clever and we are very impressed!!









My new obsession, cloth bums!

So my new obsession in life is cloth (reusable) nappies, this is for a few reasons;

1. I’m not going to lie, they’re super cute! All the different patterns, the chunky little bums they create and a baby in one just basically makes me want to make those annoying squealing noises that you make when you see so something so adorable you could cry (think puppies, kittens, baby bunnies). I didn’t think it was possible for babies to look cuter than they already are but cloth nappies seem to have this affect.
2. They save money, yes the original out lay may be quite expensive (brand new nappies retail between £5 – £20 each depending on the brand), but if you think about the fact you can buy them to fit from birth to potty (BTP) and they will last that long, how much would you spend on disposables in that time? Also interestingly there is a huge market for preloved cloth nappies, once you’re done with them you can sell them on. Yes, you have to wash them and of course this costs water/electricity but you still make a saving compared to disposables and cloth doesn’t explode, you end up washing baby clothes due this issue with disposables anyway.
3. The environment. What do you do with disposables after you’re done with them? Put them in the bin? And then where do they go? Landfill, yes you can get eco friendly biodegradable disposable nappies but they are expensive. Yes cloth nappies do have an environmental impact, electricity to power the washing machine and water but surely this is better for the environment than chucking disposables in a land fill?

Since my interest started I have noticed a couple of things, some people are obsessed with certain brands and collecting all the prints, people paying £60 for one nappy because it’s a rare print, amazing! Pretty sure that’s not something I will be drawn into because for one we can’t afford it and two it kind of ruins the saving money aspect of using cloth!

My favourite brand for prints and designs at the moment is Totsbots. They’ve just brought out a new collection called story prints which are all based on nursery rhymes and they are all just gorgeous. My favourite is incy wincy basically because I’m a sucker for anything with rainbows on.


So that’s my first instalment on cloth, be warned it’s probably something I’m going to talk about lots!

Here’s a few of the ones I’ve bought this week, will do a full stash (nappy head talk for collection!) picture when I’ve got them all together.


Our visit to the baby show.

So we weren’t planning on going but I entered a competition to win tickets from the lovely people at Totsbots and won!

We decided to go on the Sunday, we currently live in Newport in South Wales so it was an early start and a long drive to London but totally worth it.

We got there for opening and first thing we did was go and collect some freebies we had seen advertised on Twitter, a anti colic bottle from MAM and a mouth thermometer from ARI healthcare.

The lovely lady at MAM gave us a demo of the bottle and explained how they are self sterilizing, which was interesting as I have already bought some of their bottles and their microwave/cold water sterilizer but haven’t even looked at how they work yet. It’s a great feature that you can sterilize a single bottle in the microwave on its own, really convenient for when you are out and about. I will do review on the bottles when little miss is here and we start using them.

At ARI healthcare we got our thermometer, they were also selling iBaby monitors, these are compatible with Apple products and a large number of other tablets and smart phones. There are various models available that have various  different features including worldwide access from your phone and remote control capabilities. We still haven’t decided which baby monitor are going to go for yet but one of these will definitely be considered.

We then went to collect a manual breast pump that I also won last week (I know I had a lucky week right!) from Dr Browns. I plan on breast feeding but also expressing so my husband can do some feeding as we both think it’ll help with bonding. The breast pump comes with one of their bottles and as above I will be reviewing when I start using them.

Our next stop was the lovely ladies on the Totsbots stand to say thank you for winning the tickets, they were all very friendly and I had the lovely Jemima give me a demo of their nappies, I learnt lots of new things about how they work and all the different options, cloth nappies can be so confusing and a bit of a mine field, my husband also wasn’t sure about using them and I was starting to have niggling doubts but after having everything explained simply and clearly we are now both very much sold on the idea and will be using cloth when she is big enough to fit into birth to potty sized nappies. We bought some of their Potion in the palmavoilets scent which just smells divine and you actually want to eat it! I can’t wait to wash with it. Potion is a powdered laundry detergent that is designed specifically for real nappies, it’s designed to wash at a low temperature of 30 degrees due to its antibacterial properties and is a non bio so perfect for babies skin.

Next was the Cheeky Wipes stand, these are just a fantastic idea! Reusable cloth wipes, just add water and some of their essential oils (which smell A-mazing) and pop them in one of their containers and you have lovely, soft, gorgeous smelling baby wipes. We will definitely be picking up one of their kits to use with our cloth nappies, but they are also great to use if you are using disposable nappies as they will save you an absolute fortune!

We then wandered over to the Maxi-Cosi stand and had a chat with someone about the Pebble newborn seat/carry cot which fits on our travel system, the FamilyFix Isofix base and the 2wayPearl which allows extended rear facing, we definitely know this is the combination we want to use now and will review when we start using it. It was really helpful and it clarified what we want/need.

We also bought some Waterwipes which are disposable baby wipes that contain only water and a small amount of grapefruit seed extract. They smell really fresh and feel lovely on your skin. The best bit is they are suitable for when baby is brand new and those first poos in hospital when you used to have to use cotton wool and water, less fuss and messing about. A must for every hospital bag and available in boots stores.

Then we hunted down the lovely people at Easidream and their little fluffy friend Euan the Dream Sheep which I have been recommend to buy as a “baby must have” by many friends who are new mums. He’s a fluffy little sheep that aids sleep with soothing sounds and light to replicate mums womb. I cannot wait to try him out!!

We then popped over to the Gro Company stand to have a look at the Bednest bedside crib, I won a free rental of one of these last week (yes I know, like I said I was having a super lucky week!!). We had a demo and its just such a fantastic idea, it needs no tools to construct, it literally takes seconds, it is totally height adjustable so it matches the level of your bed, the side drops down to half height so you can see baby whilst in bed and then all the way down like a draw bridge which means no getting out of bed in the night for feeds and no awkward lifting or bending over after birth. It can be used as a stand alone crib and can be safely set on an angle which can be great for a colicky baby. The cost of a rental is a bargainous £99 for as long as you need it (not a month!!), each unit is sanitised before it is sent to you and the price includes a brand new mattress. Such a small price for so much convenience. They are also available to buy if you wish to do so.

So, those are my baby show highlights. There was lots more we saw but I would be here all night. It was a slightly surreal experience for me as this time last year I would’ve never imagined I would be 26 weeks pregnant and visiting the baby show but I loved it and so glad we went! There were lots of offers and bargains to be had and I would recommend to visit one if you are able to. The next one is in Birmingham at the NEC on the 16-18th of May (too close to my due date for me to go) and then at Olympia Kensington on the 24-26th of October. More details are available at www.thebabyshow.co.uk