Moving House & Storage Solutions

As some of you know we recently moved house, we have moved from a 3 bedroom end terrace to a 2 bedroom bungalow.

We’ve had the slight issue of losing quite a lot of storage and our spare (junk!) room but we have gained a garage.

Our storage in our old house was all built in wardrobes which meant that we needed to find some new bedroom storage space, IKEA and homebase came to the rescue!

We ended up buying a couple of items of the MALM range which matched our bed and were really reasonably priced. These were the MALM 3 drawer chest of drawers which were very reasonably priced at just £45 and the MALM 2 drawer chest of drawers that we use as a bedside cabinet and cost £35 both in black match our bed. We are big IKEA fans and have used the MALM range before, they come flat pack like everything at IKEA but are super easy to put together.


The last thing we needed was a wardrobe, sadly the IKEA ranges were out of our price range so we had a browse and a look around to see what we could find in our price range. We wanted something black to match our other furniture and something that had built in mirrors to save space. We came across this Capella 4 door wardrobe at Homebase for £174.99 that was in our price range. It came flat pack and was relatively easy to put together (but not as easy as IKEA flat pack, there was much more parts and you had to do some drilling). It’s good quality but we have had issues with getting the doors to align correctly which is a problem we have never had with any IKEA products.


The next thing we have to tackle is the garage, I have been looking at Warehouse Storage Solutions Ltd as they do cantilever racking which will be fantastic for all those things that are too big or long for the storage cupboards we have in our house.

On another tangent I have been looking at storage for my masses of make up and beauty products I seem to have accumulated. I have been looking at MUJI which do specialist storage solutions for make up, they are clear so you can see where everything is really easily without having to root through drawers and it also encourages you to keep stuff neater because you can see it all! Haha.

So there we are, I hope you enjoyed reading my random rambling about storage!


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