Reflecting on Baby Loss Awareness Week

This week has been Baby Loss Awareness week, whether this is a miscarriage, a still birth or a neonatal or even later on death.

I have a lot of friends who have suffered all different types of baby loss.

I personally have suffered 3 losses, all of them early. A miscarriage at 5 weeks, and then 2 ectopics at 6 and 7 weeks. With my ectopics not only did I lose a baby, I lost my fertility.

It’s been a bitter sweet week, seeing how many people I know have been affected by loss, people who haven’t spoken out before, not because they didn’t want to, because they felt they couldn’t. There have been lots of tears this week, for myself and for others.

One thing that has been highlighted to me this week is how many amazingly strong women (and men, after all baby loss affects them too and I often think they are forgotten) I know.

I look at some of them and I am in awe of how they carry on, how they hold their heads up high, how they raise money for good causes to help other people who have suffered loss, for neonatal units, for SIDS and safe sleep awareness.

There are a few people I would like to give a special mention here;

Kirsty; she is a mum to an angel, Noah, he sadly lost his life at only 18 hours old after being very poorl and being born very early. She raises so much money for her local neonatal unit, to help them care for babies like Noah. I am in awe of her strength daily, I am so proud of her, she is now a mum to a rainbow called Madelyn who was born 3 days before Arabella. And I cannot forget her husband Ben who also does so much for charity including bike rides. She has recently started blogging if any of my readers would like to take a look. Her story is heartbreaking. You can find her blog here;

Next is Naomi; she is one of my IVF friends, she had successful IVF and went through her pregnancy with us all supporting her and following her progress, late on in her pregnancy we had the terrible news that her daughter Bea had passed away in the womb, I will never forget reading her tweets. She then had lots of other terrible things happen to her and her family that I will not go into detail with as its not my place but despite it all she still marches on, she does not give up or give in. She is an inspiration.

Sammi; she is also another IVF friend, she lost her son late in pregnancy but to early to save him. Again another lady who doesn’t give up. Who ploughs on in search of her rainbow.

Vicky; Vicky’s first daughter Chloe was stillborn and then she sadly lost her second daughter Mila shortly after birth, 2 beautiful angels. She has now been blessed with her rainbow. Again, her strength astounds me. I am so proud of her and the mum she is to all 3 of her girls.

And last but not least Jennie who blogs at she is an inspiration, she lost her daughter Matila Mae to SIDS. I urge you to go read her blog, I have sat there reading it lots of times with tears streaming down my face.

And there are many others I can mention, you know who you are. The community you become part of after a loss is an amazing thing, but I really do wish none of us had to be part of it.

Baby loss is a life changing event.

You lose a piece of yourself you can never get back. A parent should never have to lose a child.

All we can do is remember and this week has definitely been a week of remembrance culminating in the wave of light, it was lovely to see people remembering.

This has been a very emotional post to write.

Thinking of each and every one of our babies that should be here but aren’t.




  1. fertilelychallenged · October 16, 2014

    So sorry for your losses ❤


  2. Dani · October 17, 2014

    Thank you for posting this. It’s so important that we share our hearts and experiences.

    With blessings of healing,


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