Tommy & Lottie – ethical & sustainable baby t-shirts

I’ll start with saying that Tommy & Lottie is a British brand.

They produce t-shirts with images of British nostalgia. Their current lines are fairground and woodland. Both stunning in very different ways. When I was asked to choose a design for Bell’s I had a hard time choosing just one!

Tommy & Lottie came about when mum of 2 Katie decided to start her own business.

I’m personally a huge fan of Scandi style clothing, and the t-shirt’s echo Scandi design but in a very British way. There are bright bold colours and shapes.

We love a bit of matchy matchy in our house, especially with a cloth nappy.

I picked up some new gNappies at the weekend at the baby and toddler show in Manchester. One of them was “good morning sunshine” which is a brilliantly bright yellow that goes perfectly with the yellow of the carousel horse on the Tommy & Lottie t-shirt.


One of the first thing I noticed when taking the t-shirt out of the packaging was how soft the cotton was, it was beautifully soft. Just what you want against your babies skin. It also has neck poppers that are a must have when you’ve got a wriggly baby that hates being dressed!

The quality of the print is also fantastic, you can really see that it has been done properly and won’t get ruined when you wash it. The lines are crisp and clean and the colours are vivid.


And as we were leaving the house we thought we should put some trousers on (we are ladies after all 😉 haha) so we teamed the t-shirt with classic denim jeans, but I bet it would also look fantastic dressed up with tights and a little skirt, or maybe even a tutu!


And as you can tell Arabella loves her t-shirt.

I’m actually pretty jealous they don’t come in adult sizes (is it lame that I would love for us both to match whilst out and about??).

I also have a funny feeling I am going to have the urge to collect every print because they are all so beautiful!

It’s also very nice to see a company being ethical and caring about where their products are made and come from.

If you would like more information about Tommy & Lottie it can be found here on their website;


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