Starting to wean a cows milk protein allergy/reflux baby.

So we were advised to start weaning early because of Bell’s issues.

I’ve spoken about this before but she has something called cows milk protein allergy (CMPA), which is actually more common than you would think.

Basically she is allergic to the proteins in cows milk, this is often confused with lactose intolerance. Very few babies are actually lactose intolerant, its very rare.

We started weaning at 17 weeks, this caused a hoohaa with some people, the usual you should wait till 6 months like guide lines, blah blah blah.

I am going to start this with “do what’s right for you and your baby”, which is pretty much my take on everything parenting. I don’t care how you feed your child as long as its not starving, I don’t care when you wean them. Who am I to judge?

So we decided to start with purees, off we went to Tesco and bought a shed load of Ella’s Kitchen sachets, for one they are convenient and I’m lazy. Haha!

Because of Bella’s CMPA we have to watch out for reactions to other foods. This means we have to give her the same thing 3 days in a row and be vigilant. With this method we have so far worked out she reacts to banana, and rice. She has been fine with pear and sweet potato. Today we are trying mango.

Our plan is to puree until she is around 6 months and then start baby led weaning; lots of finger foods and her feeding herself.

I’ve been kind of going about it blindly (with a little info from friends and the internet) as we are still waiting for our dieticians appointment still, so I ordered some books in at the library.


So going to have a read of them this week.

And to finish off a picture of Arabella after her first taste of solids, she looks miserable! Just because it had all gone. Haha, definitely takes after her mum.



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