Part 2: Doing the 3+1 most stressful things you can do in your life in a year: Getting Married

Well it’s meant to be stressful, but in all honesty compared to the other 3 things, it just really wasn’t that bad.

I remember on the morning of the wedding, everyone asking me if I was ok. They were worried because I was so calm. I just had this nice serene feeling.

The only thing that got me truly stressed about wedding planning was the table plan, it has to be the WORST part of wedding planning. Who to sit where, which table and next to whom. You’ve got to take into account family politics, friends who don’t get on and make sure no one feels left out or isolated. So much responsibility, I nearly gave up a couple of times and considered letting people just sit where they pleased. In the end though I managed it (2 days before the wedding) and it ended up working well and everyone was happy!


The other thing that was very minorly stressful was my wedding dress, I bought it in March and then very luckily fell pregnant in September. I went for my first dress fitting at about 9 weeks pregnant I think it was, it no longer fit, not because I had gained any weight because my boobs had exploded. I was lucky to have such a lovely lady who did all the alterations to make it fit, she removed the buttons and replaced it with a corset back and it just looked fantastic! So that was that minor stress quickly sorted.


I was also very lucky because my husband had a huge part in the planning, he was fantastic. He took a lot of my stress away by taking it into his hands, I know this isn’t right for everyone, not all brides would like it like this, but I loved it. Out of the two of us he is definitely the most organised.


We also got married at a fantastic time of year, it was December so our venue was already decorated with beautiful Christmas decoration which saved us a lot of time, money and effort.


So basically getting married was the least stressful out of the 3+1 most stressful things you can do, and after it you get a lovely honeymoon, we spent 2 weeks in Egypt over new year, it was amazing.


Next I’ll be talking about having a baby.


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