Trying out a new type of bottle – the Munchkin Latch

We recently received an email letting us know that we had been chosen to be Munchkin product testers and that we would be receiving our products to test in the post shortly.

We were super excited as you can’t beat receiving surprise parcels in the post.

Our package arrived and we opened it to find that we had been sent an innovative bottle called Latch, with 2 size 2 teats that are suitable for Arabella’s age. My initial thoughts were that I had never seen anything like it, it has a very interesting teat that moves with baby! Very clever.

I followed the instructions to prepare the bottle for first use and sterilised it then we gave it a go.

We currently use Dr Browns and MAM bottles are that are anti colic.

The Latch bottle is also anti colic with a special valve in it’s base, one thing that is quite hard work about the MAM and Dr Browns bottles is they have so many parts to take apart, clean and sterilise. The Latch bottle has less parts than the others and is very quick and easy to clean. You don’t need anything other than a normal bottle brush.

The anti colic valve is the blue bit in the bottom of the bottle that you can see here, it just pops out so it can be cleaned thoroughly very easily;


My only issue is that we were sent a 4oz bottle yet Arabella is now on 5oz bottles except for her night feed so we decided to try it out on that feed.

Arabella seemed to love the teat and I found it great that it moved with her.

It says on the box that it’s meant to help bottle feed along with breastfeeding, unfortunately we are no longer breastfeeding but we did 6 weeks. I can see how it’s breast like shape may help you switch between bottle and breast easily. I think it’s breast like due to the fact the teat moves like a breast does, on our other bottles the teats are very much fixed.

Here you can see the special concertina shape of the teat which allows it to move with your baby;


I have a couple of friends with breastfed babies that are struggling to get their babies to take expressed breast milk from a bottle so I think I will be recommending them to try this bottle.

Here are a few more pictures of the bottle and it’s design;



And finally here is Latch in action with Arabella.



You can find more information on the Munchkin Latch and their other products here;


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