Taking Arabella to meet her makers

Arabella is an IVF baby.

There were so many people involved in her conception, I don’t think people who haven’t been through fertility treatment realise.

First there was our doctor. She did our first consultation at the clinic. Went through all our history, decided what protocol and procedures would fit our problems. When it came to the time she did our egg collection (it’ll be a year on the 4th September) and then our embryo transfer, she placed our precious only embryo in exactly the right spot it seems.

Then there were the nurses who did all our blood draws, scans and consoled me after I had my ectopic meaning we had to put our treatment back.

The counsellor, she checked I was ok mentally to do egg share, that I fully understood the implications.

The receptionist who got so used to talking to me she recognised my voice and always remembered my name.

Then there are the embryologists, the people who take two tiny parts of two people and make something amazing, an embryo, which if you are lucky turns into a baby, and we were one of those lucky couples.

After more scans, blood tests, appointments and operations than I can remember we got our miracle.

I took a card to the clinic to say thank you, but no words I could write in a card or even here could express how truly thankful we are to all those wonderful people at our clinic who made Arabella possible, who gave us our miracle.

We were treated with humility and respect at every one of our appointments. How ever undignified some of the procedures are we were treated with dignity.

So from embryo

To positive pregnancy test

To first scan

To baby


We thank every person at the London Women’s Clinic Wales in Cardiff.

If you are in South Wales and looking for a fertility clinic I couldn’t recommend then more, our care has been outstanding.


Arabella even got her very own LWC Wales bear.



And I shall just leave this here.


More information about LWC Cardiff can be found here on their website; www.londonwomensclinic.com/wales



  1. prestonprecious · August 28, 2014

    This is a lovely post! How wonderful that you went to see them again!


  2. laurablundell · November 13, 2014

    How beautiful! I am an IVF baby and I went to a presentation about IVF only to discover that the man giving the talk was the man who had created me! Professor Winston (my parents had always just referred to him as the magic doctor!) Let me just say it was truly magically and very emotional to meet him and I’m sure Arabella will treasure these pictures and stories!


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