It’s time to say a very sad goodbye…. to my maternity jeans.

We have a loving relationship me and my maternity jeans.

I didn’t even buy this pair, they were gifted to me by a pregnant friend, and they were gifted to her by another friend.

They are like these magical lucky travelling jeans.

They are from Next and I have no idea what size they are. I bought lots of maternity jeans during my pregnancy, cheap ones, expensive ones, skinny ones, boot cut ones, denim ones, black ones, under bump ones, over bump ones. I bought A LOT of jeans.

Buy you know what none of them were like this pair, they didn’t fit as well, weren’t as comfortable so basically I lived in these bad boys.


I packed up most my maternity clothes and passed them on a few weeks after a gave birth, but not these jeans. I’ve still been wearing them a lot. I’m addicted to them.

The original plan was to wear them for a short time whilst I quickly slimmed back to my pre-pregnancy size and clothes. HA! I can hear you all laughing at me, naive right. Nearly 4 months after birth I’m still in them.

I decided enough was enough, I needed to buy some normal jeans in my new size. Stuff it. I’m happy. I have a beautiful baby, this is not the time to worry about my weight. I might as well have more clothes options and be comfortable!

So today off to the shops I went. I asked for some advice on twitter, I was directed by other new mothers to get a high waisted style. First I went in Next, I always used to buy my jeans from Next, I picked a high waisted jean up in a size I thought I would be, trotted off to the changing rooms, wouldn’t go past my newly acquired thunder thighs and bubble butt. I asked for the next size up, they went on but just didn’t fit right? I used to wear high waisted Next jeans before my pregnancy, I was genuinely astounded by how much pregnancy had changed my body, not just my clothes size but my actual body shape!

So back to the drawing board it was. I had another look round and found some Relaxed Skinny style jeans, I’ve tried these on many times in the past but they have just never suited them, I loved the style on other people so I thought why not, what’s to lose.

Back to the changing rooms we went.

On they go, much to my surprise they fit well AND suit me?! What is this magic?

I had dressed my body a certain way for 26 years, it had taken me probably 23 years to master dressing it, and now everything I thought I knew has been turned upside down!

So I bought them.

I then decided to go for a browse in New Look.

They had a sale and I spotted some high waisted super skinny jeans for £7, yes £7!! So I tried them on. They fit better than the Next ones but were a little snug, but for £7 I was having them.

So this is my ode to my maternity jeans, I love you, you served me well, you aren’t going in the bin, even if you are full of holes, you’re getting washed, and then placed lovingly in my pregnancy memory box.

Sounds silly but I’m sat here in tears writing this, today was the last time I will probably ever wear maternity jeans, my pregnancy was a miracle, I’ve been very lucky to experience it but I’m also super sad that I’ll probably never experience pregnancy again. So it’s more than just a pair of maternity jeans that is getting put away, this really does signify the end of my pregnancy.

It wasn’t easy but I loved every moment, I miss the kicks, the watching my belly move. Even being admitted to hospital to be monitored, listening to the clatter of her heartbeat on the machine.

So we are waving goodbye.



Maternity jeans I will miss you, but it’s time to not be pregnant anymore.

And welcome my new body, here are your jeans.




  1. Kirsty Aris · August 23, 2014

    Bec I actually felt myself welling up reading this 😢 Lots of love xxx


  2. Jen · August 24, 2014

    Love the new jeans. Good for you, I’m sure it wasn’t easy making that decision. Your daughter is beautiful!


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