Putting poop in my washing machine…

You’re instantly thinking “ewwwwww” right?

To be honest a few years ago I would’ve thought the same. I don’t think I would even put my own poop in my washing machine to be honest, but you kind of see poop differently when it’s your babies, I’m not quite sure why?

In the early days when Arabella was poorly I was regularly covered in projectile diaoreah, all over my legs, stomach, arms, you name it! It just used to make me laugh, even more surprisingly it didn’t bother my husband when it happened to him either and this is the man who struggled to pick up our dogs poop without gagging! It’s like as a parent you become immune to it! Haha.

Right now if you’re still with me after me writing poop so many times, well done! I’ll get to the point of my post!

We use cloth nappies, one of the most common reactions to this is the question “what do you do with the poop?”.

Personally this is how I deal with my dirty nappies;

When Arabella was breast fed nappies went straight into our dry pail bucket, or if out and about into out wet bag.

These then went straight in the washer! Breastfeeding poop is water soluble, it just washes away and won’t do anything to your washing machine.

She is now on special prescription formula and without going into detail her poop is very solid, much like adult poop. This is caught by a fleece liner in the nappy.



I basically tip the poop in the loo and flush, then off it goes into our dry pail bucket or wet bag if we are out.

So really hardly any poop actually goes in our washer.

Our washing regime is washing at 40 with either Totsbots Potion which is specifically designed for cloth nappies (and smells like Palma violets sweets, just divine!) or bold 2 in 1 powder, powder is the preferred detergent for cloth as it doesn’t build up like liquid does and affect the absorbency.


First I rinse on cold, this rinses away any left over poop and urine, then I was on a normal cycle which has a rinse at the end, and then I rinse again to make sure any left over detergent is gone!

We try to line dry where possible, but living in the UK the weather isn’t always the best so we tumble dry on the lowest what setting on our dryer.

We wash every 3 or 4 days (we have a huge stash!), we never get any stains really, sometimes we get the odd one but left in the sun they disappear as the suns UV rays bleach the fabric naturally! Clever huh?!

Here’s the dry pail nappy bin we use and one of our wetbags.



Inside the nappy bin is a mesh liner, I unhook it and throw the whole thing in the wash so barely have to touch the nappies and the bin is really good at keeping the smell in. The little tip I have for making the bin smell less is stick a disposable sanitary towel to the inside of the lid, and put a few drops of essential oil on it (I use our lavender and camomile that we use for our cheeky wipes, which are reusable baby wipes which I’ll talk about more in another post!).

And last but not least here is a lovely picture of Arabella flashing her fluff, a Totsbots V3!




  1. Mummy's Blog · August 22, 2014

    Love this post – I really want to use cloth nappies, but my husband won’t entertain the idea, because he doesn’t want poo going in the same washing machine as his clothes. I’m going to use this post to try to convince him! x


    • lovebeckha · August 22, 2014

      Haha. If he’s really squeamish you can use bambino mio mio fresh which is a sanitiser but you really don’t need too! I promise you none of our clothes have poop on them or smell like poop. When disposable nappies explode (which I’ve never had with cloth) you wash the poopy clothes don’t you? No different! Good luck! x


  2. Irene · August 24, 2014

    Great post Bex. I had no idea that A’s formula makes her do weaned baby poos. Poor love, must be tough being so little!
    I use fleece liners with out Little Lamb bamboo nappies and disposable flushable paper ones with the AIO’s. The great perk of the flushable ones is that you can pick them straight up from the nappy or tip them into the toilet with poo still on it so hardly any gets on the nappy (unless of course it’s one of those poos…!). Poo poo poo!
    Great idea about the towel with essential oils, never thought of that but will try it for sure! Also have you tried an Eco Egg? I do a wash with it every now and then and add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. It’s a great way of preventing build up of detergent. Keep up the cloth nappy love sharing! X


    • lovebeckha · August 24, 2014

      I’ve been looking at eco eggs actually. They seem like such value for money. I tried disposable liners and they seemed to scrunch up? Maybe because she’s still quite small, I have loads so it’s definitely something I will be trying again! Thanks for reading x


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