Safe cosleeping with our Bednest.

There are so many options when it comes to baby sleeping, Moses baskets, cribs and then there is cosleeping.

Guidelines tell you not to have your baby in your bed with you. It increases the risk of SIDS. But, big but there are a lot of benefits to it. No getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get the baby for feeds, wether it be breast or bottle, and that closeness you can get with your baby being so close all the time.

The Bednest is a good safe compromise, it keeps your baby at an arms reach, but without the risks of your baby being in your bed.

Another good thing is you can rent it, rather than buy, it comes with a new mattress, sides and sheets. This was good for us as sadly due to my fertility problems Arabella is likely to be our first and last baby, if you plan on having a few children you can also buy, and then put it away for your next one, or even just rent it and then you haven’t got to worry about storage!

We didn’t put it up until we came home from the hospital, minor panic as we thought it may take a while to construct, but nope. It literally sets up in less than a minute, very impressive and even a sleep deprived new dad managed it without looking at instructions (he’s a man, there are instructions available with the Bednest but we all know how men like to ignore instructions, haha!).

Arabella’s first sleep in her Bednest;20140731-104248-38568704.jpg

Looking back at this reminds me how tiny she was.

For the first 6 weeks of her life we breastfed and then had to stop for a myriad of reasons including medical but in those early days the Bednest really did help with breastfeeding, she was at an arms reach, great for those newborn cluster feeding times.


As a family we also travel a lot as my family live 200 miles away in Lancashire. We do have a travel cot at my mums but it’s just too big for her currently and when she’s in it she’s not close, so every time we go we take our Bednest. It folds down flat and is really compact. There’s even a travel bag available for it so you can take it on planes and trains with ease. It fit in our small estate car with baby, me, my husband, excitable boxer dog, pram and all the other things a baby requires for a weekend away (as you would imagine that’s a huge amount of stuff!!).


Here are a few more pictures of Arabella enjoying her Bednest.






So if you’re expecting a baby, a Bednest is really one of my must have products I urge people to buy. It’s been a life saver literally, Arabella suffers from severe reflux, this was diagnosed after a second episode of apnea (her stopping breathing), the first time we were already in hospital, the second time she was in her Bednest right next to me, and I truly believe if she had been in a Moses basket I wouldn’t have noticed her in trouble, I hate to think what could’ve happened.

You can find more information and buy/rent them from their website;

I also have a discount code for my readers so you can save some money (every little helps when you’re expecting a baby, I know!!).



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