From nothing to celebrate, to something to celebrate.

This blog popped up in my Facebook feed today.

adventuresofalabornurse – When theres nothing to celebrate.

I clicked on it not knowing what it was about, I read it.

It broke my heart, I have friends and family who have experienced still births. They’re some of the strongest women I know.

This post struck a chord with me as I’ve seen a lot of medical professionals in my time, I always remember the ones who are kind to me.

During my second ectopic pregnancy last year I was treated by a doctor called Paul, there was nothing to celebrate, I was a mess. I just cried and cried and cried. It was one of the worst times of my life. This year we met in different circumstances, he was one of my doctors during Arabella’s birth, we had something to celebrate. I remembered him right away. He had also treated me during my pregnancy when I had suspected preeclampsia. He’s genuinely one person I will never forget.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, 2 days after our embryo transfer I ended up in A&E screaming in agony, the worst pain of my life, a lady doctor came to see me, she listened to me, she helped me through it, she understood when I told her I didn’t want anything that would compromise a pregnancy in case I was, she treated me with so much care and respect, she was like an angel on that night, I can’t remember her name, I had what turned out to be ovarian hyper stimulation (OHSS) and it was genuinely 100 times more painful than giving birth. Fast forward 36 weeks and this lady doctor appeared in my life again, and actually delivered Arabella, she was there for me at the hard painful start of my pregnancy, unknown at the time and at the joyful end. It’s funny how things come full circle.



  1. adventuresofalabornurse · July 30, 2014


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