Easy sleeping, say goodbye to tog ratings! The magical Merino Kids GoGo Bag!

As a new mum (and a first timer) I’m constantly worrying, is Arabella eating enough, have I dressed her right, is she safe, has she napped enough? You get the picture the list is endless!

I’ve recently discovered one thing that has taken one of these worries away for me, “is it the right temperature for sleeping?”. Right from the moment your baby is born, the hospital quite rightly, are reminding new parents to be aware of the dangers of overheating – SIDS. So I find myself constantly checking the room temperature, checking that everything has the right TOG rating, questioning if I have dressed Arabella correctly, touching the back of her neck etc . Sounds familiar?

My discovery is the amazing Merino Kids Go Go Bag which removes my having to obsess over togs as it doesn’t need one due to its amazing natural properties! The sleepbags are made of a wonder fibre called Merino wool (100% natural, so you’ll find no nasty synthetics here!). The wool is breathable, so it helps to naturally regulate the perfect temperature reducing the need to have a variety of different sizes and tog sleeping bags in the cupboard ready for all eventualities. Yes, they are a little more expensive than the other brands, but I think in the long run it is worth it as you only need one which can be used throughout the year. One bag, no togs. I love the fact that it naturally doesn’t retain smells so it is saving on my never ending washing pile – I leave it to air over the side of the cot when Arabella is out and about. The care instructions are super simple and I know when it comes to washing the sleepbag dries really quickly.

Already it’s given me great peace of mind that my precious girl is the correct temperature and I love how each bag comes with a leaflet suggesting how to dress the baby for the various temperatures which also takes some stress away and one less thing to think about!

They come in many different gorgeous designs (Arabella is wearing the dusky pink Go Go Bag). I love the fact that the bag comes in two sizes; newborn – 2 years and for toddlers 2-4 years (so they last far longer than other brands which tend to come in 6 or 12 month age brackets, another reason why they are fantastic value!).

It’s also very clever as it can be worn in a car seat safely as it has access for the strap that goes between your little ones legs so you haven’t got excess material between baby and the belt so it’s fantastic for traveling too and makes it easy for a quick transfer into bed.

Have a look at the wide selection of sleepbags at www.merinokids.co.uk and I would also suggest having a browse of their other products, they do some gorgeous designs.

I will be reviewing their beautiful gowns on the blog next so keep an eye out!

Here are a few pictures of Arabella enjoying her Merino Kids Go Go Bag!





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