Discovering gNappies, cloth nappies done differently.

So we were sent some lovely gNappies and matching dress to review. They came at the perfect time! We already use cloth/reusable nappies but it’s been super hot over the last week or so, we are lucky that our house is nice and cool but when out and about the cloth nappies can get a bit hot as they’re quite thick for optimum absorbency.

The gPants are very slim fitting and light weight with no heavy materials and breathable due to how they are constructed. They consist of a cloth outer, a waterproof inner that snaps on and into that you place the disposable insert. This is another reason why they would be fantastic for a holiday, when you take full cloth nappies it takes up a lot of space and you need proper washing facilities, with these you can just remove the disposable liner and replace so you get a few uses out of the outer and when the outer needs washing they can be easily hand washed and they dry very quickly. This means you only need a few outers and a pack of liners which doesn’t take up much luggage space at all, this also makes them fantastic for long days out. Last but least they are super cute and the range of matching clothes and accessories they do are gorgeous and fantastic quality!

I will definitely be buying the next size up when she grows out of these, they fit fantastically, are very absorbent and we’ve had no leaks. They are also good for the environment as the disposable liners are eco friendly and compostable!! Very clever and we are very impressed!!










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