My Actual Birth Story!

Please bare with me on this one. My memory of it all is a bit fuzzy! Ha.

So if you’ve read the first part you now know I had been in hospital since the Tuesday being induced due to reduced movement.

We are now on Saturday!


We spent most the day waiting around for a bed, I honestly thought we were going to end up waiting another day but at about what was I think 4pm we were told we had a bed and they we were off over to the main delivery unit.

So off we went, they showed us to our room, my mum was coming over for visiting on the other ward anyway so popped into see us.

At this point I was just so elated that things were going to start happening, we were finally going to meet our rainbow, our little miracle that we had watched grow via scans from a tiny 5 day embryo. I’m writing this with that embryo asleep on my chest. It still blows my mind that that ball of cells was how she started life!

Look! Embryo Arabella!!


We met the midwife who was going to be looking after us till the shift change, I can’t remember her name but I do remember she was lovely.

To start with I had a midwife try and break my waters, she couldn’t manage it so went and got my doctor. The doctor obviously a pro at it just did it in the blink of an eye. I have to say your waters breaking has to be one of the oddest feelings ever, it’s like uncontrollably weeing yourself, with a fluid that is a lot warmer than wee. There was so much of it too, more than the doctor expected too I think. They checked it for meconium, there was none so we were all sorted. Whilst the doctor was down there she popped a clip onto A’s head to monitor her whilst she was inside me, much easier than messing about with the external one they strap to your belly.

Then the anaesthetist came into see us, we were asked if I wanted an epidural. Going into birth one of the things I had in my “birth plan” was that I wanted to avoid an epidural, but I also had expected to go into labour naturally, because I was being induced they were going to put me on the syncotin drip, which basically smashes your body into labour, I had heard lots about this from friends and other ladies on the ward, I was told how horrible and painful it was. I asked the anaesthetist what he would do if it were him, he said he would go for an epidural. He left us for a few minutes so we could talk it over and decide.

We decided to have it, and to be honest I think it was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

So in went the epidural, it wasn’t painful at all! Much to my surprise. It started to work, I was pretty impressed as I could still move my legs.

They then hooked me up to the syncotin drip, I could feel my stomach going hard and contractions but I felt no pain (amazing right!!).

I was exhausted from spending 6 days on the ward, you can’t sleep properly in hospital I find. My epidural allowed me to snooze through my labour.

I was checked at about what I think was 9pm and had got to 3cm dilated from 2. We had progress! But not much.

The monitor had stopped picking up my contractions and they were very irregular.

My blood pressure has started to plummet. It got to 75/35 at one point I think. I was going in and out of consciousness. My memory gets a bit fuzzy here.

They kept doubling the syncotin to try and get me to contract better but this was causing babies heart rate to dip and like she was in distress. They kept a close eye on us both and it was starting to look like a Caesarian section would be needed.

I think we got to like 3.30am and the midwife decided to check me, we were now being looked after by a lovely lady called Faye.

She checked me and much to both our surprise I was 10cm!! I had basically slept through most my labour and hardly felt a thing!

She informed us that we could start pushing in an hour. I stopped my epidural then as I wanted to feel as much as possible for pushing.

I then said to hubby that I felt like it needed to poo. Haha! How very undignified. He went to fetch the midwife, she brought me a bed pan and we chucked hubby out of the room. It’s one thing I just couldn’t bare to do in front of him!!

I tried and I couldn’t, midwife had another look and it was because baby was starting to come, she went out the room and told hubby that his baby was on it’s way!!

So she fetched the doctor, we started pushing, I got to the I can’t do it stage, I remember an episiotomy being mentioned, hubby said the doctor handed the midwife the scissors to do it and in that time I had pushed her head out, the thought of the cut must have been enough to spur me on!! We waited for another contraction and then one last push and there she was.

Placed straight on my chest, I was in awe. Here was our little person! Jamie cut the cord, we had cuddles whilst the placenta was delivered, the midwife showed it to us and made a comment of hour beautiful it was! Haha.

I had managed to get myself a second degree tear which I won’t go ion much detail about but it took 3 of them 2 hours to stitch me up!

Worth every second.

Here’s the birth announcement hubby posted online.


Welcome to the world Arabella Faith Kenyon, all 8lb 3oz of you. You were truly worth the wait and the heartache and the tears.



  1. waitingforourmiracle · June 30, 2014

    If only I had considered epidural at the start ☺️. I laboured to 6cm with syntocin and it was bloody horrendous. Eventually got the epidural and it was night and day! Could actually talk to hubby and midwife which was nigh impossible before. Awe but who cares now eh! Our little ones are more than worth it! X


  2. Hannah - Budding Smiles · July 3, 2014

    I loved reading this, such a sucker for a happy ending! Arabella is so gorgeous and it sounds like you did an amazing job 🙂 xx


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