Breastfeeding, getting started and the Medela Breast Care Set

One thing I knew when I was pregnant was that I wanted to breastfeed, or at least try and give it the best chance I could.

I tried to be as prepared as possible, I read books, watched DVDs and went to the NHS antenatal classes.

In my hospital bag I packed the things I though would help us have the best chance at cracking it. Nursing bras and a handy little kit from Medela that contains breast pads, hydrogel pads and nipple cream all in a lovely little bag (that now lives in our changing bag containing our breastfeeding essentials).



Our breastfeeding journey started as soon as she was born, she was placed on me for skin to skin immediately after she was born. One of the most magical moments of my life. She latched on almost immediately. The closeness I felt was unreal as she peered at me just one eye open.

We had to stay in hospital for the night as I had a bad tear and needed IV antibiotics to make sure I didn’t get an infection.

She was born at 4.34am so we spent the day feeding and got the hang of it slowly. I was moved to a ward and my husband had to leave us for the night. I was exhausted from having no sleep as I had been labouring all night. We persevered with feeding. My nipples started to get very sore. The next day we went home and I asked online for advice, mostly it was apply cream after every feed, change breast pads regularly and I gave the hydrogel pads a go. They were amazing, they soothed the burning feeling of my overworked nipples, let’s face it they just weren’t used to having someone suck on them for hours on end! Haha. I started applying the cream from my Medela Breast Care Set after every feed and also putting fresh breast pads on.



The Medela breast pads are great they stay in place thanks to a handy sticky pad and are ergonomically shaped so really comfortable. You wouldn’t know you were wearing them!

I really do think that the Medela Breast Care Set helped us stick with it and gave me the little bit or extra help we needed to get off on the right foot.

I would definitely recommend it to any new mum or anyone who is pregnant and wishing to breastfeed to pop it in their hospital bag, I’m glad I did!



One comment

  1. Hayley chall · June 4, 2014

    I didn’t know they even did this pack- I wish I did as it would have helped massively! X


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