35+6 Growth Scan and Consultant Appointment

Yesterday I went for my growth scan and consultant appointment.

The hospital were super busy due to them only doing consultant appointments on a Monday and of course last week was bank holiday Monday so they were playing catch up.

My appointment was at 9.40 and we didn’t get seen till 11.40! Wow, have to admit I was starting to get the the end of my tether when they called me in.

Whilst we were waiting I saw a midwife and she checked my blood pressure (all fine! as good as my booking in appointment), my urine (all clear) and then much to my mortification she weighed me! Oh my lord, first time since booking in at 12 weeks, safe to say I thought I had put weight on, but not quite this much, its that much I don’t quite feel comfortable divulging the figure!!

I saw a consultant I hadn’t seen before, she scanned me and we found that she is still 97th centile and they estimated her weight to be 7lb 5oz! So still a chunk. Consultant just checked I felt well and told me to book another appointment in 2 weeks (37+6) but that she didn’t expect to see me as she thinks I will go into labour before then? Personally I am not convinced but this has prompted my husband to cancel some working away he was meant to be doing, which has made me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

After my appointment I went to boots to buy maternity bed sheets just in case my waters decide to go in bed as we only bought a new bed/mattress a couple of weeks ago!

I also picked up some colic drops at the advice of a friend, that its best to have them in just in case!

Maternity Notes



  1. Emily Vaughan · April 30, 2014

    Great idea with the bed covers! We popped one in the car as well just in case! My waters went in true hollywood fashion so luckily neither the bed or car were affected haha! So exciting you’re getting so close đŸ™‚ xx


    • lovebeckha · April 30, 2014

      Ahhh yes. Fab idea about the car!! Will so that ones it’s been for it’s valet this week! xx


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