Packed my hospital bag, finally.

I am 35 weeks today (or tomorrow depending on whose date you go off, 35 weeks today is my official NHS date).

My husband may have slightly been pestering me to pack my bags, as he is convinced little miss will arrive early, I myself am not so convinced.

So today I packed my hospital bag, well I should say bags, 3 of them. I have never been one for traveling light, so I have a bag for baby, a bag for me, and another bag for me… whoops!

First up is clothes, this may look like a lot, but our problem is we have been told we are having a chunk (another growth scan on Monday) so I have packed various sizes, mostly 0-3 months but also a few newborn bits in case we have a surprise smaller than expected baby (we all know growth scans aren’t an exact science!). These have yet to be prewashed, as I’ve been a bit scared of doing it just in case something went wrong? This will be done this week. I have to say my favorite is the Frugi rainbow vest, I just adore Frugi and their designs. All their clothing is also organic and ethically made.


For baby I have also packed 2 blankets, one cellular and one thicker one, muslins, dummies in a steriliser case, nappies (I plan on using cloth but will be using disposable whilst in hospital), nappy bags, water wipes, and some “emergency” formula and teats.

You may have noticed I have no cotton wool, and that I have packed formula when I want to breastfeed, the no cotton wool is because I have Waterwipes and these are approved by midwives for use on newborn skin, as they are exactly what they say on the packet; all they contain is water and a very small amount of natural grapefruit extract (this makes them smell divine!). The formula even though I don’t plan to use it I always like to have just in case, in an ideal world I want to breastfeed, if for some reason I can’t I don’t want baby to go hungry and I also want to make sure if I do have to use formula it is one I have chosen, rather than been given by the hospital.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice for things I have missed please feel free to let me know!


Next up things for me;


I very luckily won a nearly ready to go hospital bag from the lovely people at BabyNatal (part of the NatalFamily) who can be found at

This included a beautiful bag from Mia Tui and lots of necessary toiletries (travel size shampoo ect, maternity pads, disposable knickers) and some gorgeous Frugi muslins and a very cute Bambino Mio newborn reusable nappy and wrap (nice little top up to my huge cloth nappy stash!).

All I have had to add myself is nightdresses (2 of, one for labour and one for afterwards) which are both button down so breastfeeding is easier, slippers, more knickers (in this case cheap ones from Tesco, in size 20!! as I think the last think I will want after birth is tight pants!!), straws which I have been told are SO important, last thing you want when your mid labour is having to sit up for a drink, and Lansinoh breast pads (which were recommended to me by a friend) and Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream.

In my other bag I have packed my breast pumps, a manual and an electric. My manual one is Dr Browns and my electric is the Medela Swing which has come highly recommended by lots of people. I have yet to prepare and sterilise these so they are just in the box in the bag at the moment, in this bag will also go my make up, dressing gown and things like my hair brush that I use on a daily basis.


I have also packed this;


This is a breast care kit for new mums that I have been kindly sent by the lovely people at Medela to review, its perfect to pop in your hospital bag to give you a good start to breastfeeding.

It all comes in this handy little case that I will be able to use after hospital as a make up bag.


I will be reviewing this fully after baby is here and I have chance to use to so keep an eye out for that in a few weeks (5 or 6!! eeeek!!).

So here are my hospital bags all (mostly) packed;


I have used babies changing bag (£25 from Next, absolute bargain!!), my gorgeous Mia Tui Amelie and my good old overnight bag that I have had for years.

The Mia Tui bags can be found here;

If you think there is anything I have missed, or anything I need, please do let me know as any help is appreciated.

I glanced at this list on Babycentre to give me a rough idea of what I needed;

Thanks for reading!



  1. Irene · April 22, 2014

    You must be the most organised person I know! The only thing I can suggest you pack, which I haven’t seen in the pictures or mentioned, is towels. I mean, for yourself, because you’ll want to take LOTS of showers and they won’t necessarily provide them in hospital. I remember someone somewhere advising to buy BLACK towels and I found it to be genius advice, for obvious and slightly gross reasons. I got mine from Ikea and they were very reasonably priced. Also don’t forget some shower gel for yourself, the milder the better. I’d go for unscented if possible, also unscented deodorant.
    The only other thing I would advise is not to bother bringing the pumps to hospital. Chances are you will only stay in one night or two and if you need to express a pump won’t work that soon after giving birth. Usually the milk takes a few days to come in, I was made to express the night after Yuri was born (totally unnecessary, long story, still annoyed about it!) but they got me a syringe that I used as you only get a few drops of colostrum out at best. Maybe leave the pumps somewhere handy so that your DH can bring them in for you should you need to stay in longer than a day or two? Up to you of course, well done on being so well organised. Make sure you don’t forget your camera and your phone charger xx


  2. Irene · April 22, 2014

    Oh, forgot to say, you might want to consider bringing a trolley style suitcase, it might be a good idea to pack those bags inside one to keep all your things tidy. You don’t want to lift lots of bags whilst in labour and when leaving hospital. Also easier to keep everything organised and to make sure things don’t get lost during your hospital stay. And the most important thing: SNACKS, LOTS of them. And drinks! Hospitals are very VERY bad at feeding new mums. You will probably wake up lots in the night and be starving as you only had a rubbish tiny meal at 6pm (well that’s what happened with me). Imagine running a marathon and only being fed a couple of slices of toast, followed by one small plate of food half a day later. I honestly wish I’d brought a full loaf of bread. xx


    • lovebeckha · April 22, 2014

      Thank you so much for all your helpful suggestions! I will leave the pumps at home but leave them somewhere Jamie can easily find them. I need to go do a food/snack shop at some point! x


  3. rh1annonb · April 22, 2014

    I would check with your hospital as to whether you need to take a pump as mine had Medela available to borrow on the ward. I would pack – straws as drinking in labour is tough, more pads than you think you’ll need and all of your chargers. I had a box in the car boot with spares – sleepsuits, vests, pads etc in clearly labelled bags so hubby just had to grab the appropriate item. This stopped us taking too much on the ward/delivery room as space is limited x


  4. Lisa Hall · April 22, 2014

    Does your hospital not provide formula in one use bottles that have teats? If so you should be able to manage whilst in. I intended breast feeding and hadn’t thought about formula but they provided it all. Pack some carrier bags to send dirty washing home xxx


  5. Lisa Hall · April 22, 2014

    Sorry just thought if this, I also packed a bag to stay at home for if I had to stay in longer for Pete to bring xx hope that makes sense xx


  6. tiasmum12 · April 22, 2014

    Haha! I had my two bags packed at 30 weeks! You won’t need the pumps, they have them there. You will need thick socks as your feet freeze in labour and a lipbalm. If you use the gas and air then you will want a lipbalm. Don’t forget to pack some surgery snacks and a high calorie drink, something like lucozade. Good luck! Xx


  7. yummyblogger · April 25, 2014

    Wow super organised! Bet you’ve packed and unpacked it a million times since?! I still need to finish mine! How did you get the medela stuff to review? I’d love to give their stuff a shot.. Supposed to be the best pump…


    • lovebeckha · April 25, 2014

      I won the breast pump in a competition but for the breast care kit I was sent it my a PR company on twitter xx


      • yummyblogger · April 25, 2014

        cool thanks – hoping I get offered some freebies too and have started entering some competitions with all this spare time #calmbeforethestorm


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