My infertility and our miracle.

I thought I would shed a little light on how I got here, we are 33 weeks pregnant today and I still can’t quite believe it, every day is like we have won the lottery.

I have a long fertility (or infertility) history that started when I was 20, I accidentally fell pregnant on the pill, it was a huge surprise, we weren’t ready at all (this was with my ex partner), sadly this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 5 weeks, literally days after finding out I was pregnant. I then contracted an infection, and due to my cervix being open, this turned into pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which went on to basically ruin my reproductive organs unbeknown to me.

Fast forward a couple of years, I had no idea my fertility had been ruined. I was suffering with pain quite a lot of the time, my GP finally refered me to the hospital to see the gynae, I had scans, tests and nothing was found, I was then offered a laparoscopy as they suspected I may have endometriosis, I went in for the operation, no endometriosis was found, which was great but they had found that my entire pelvic cavity was covered in scar tissue and that one of my fallopian tubes was stuck to its self. There was dye flow through the other one, over the years I was told by many different doctors different things about which of my tubes was and wasnt ok, swapping sides with which was the bad one.

I then had a second lap to try and fix my tube that was stuck. A few months after this lap I started having terrible pains one day in my lower abdomen, I had only had my period 2 weeks before, I did a pregnancy test and it was positive, there was much confusion, I went straight to A&E as I knew I was at risk of an ectopic. Long story short, it was ectopic, I ended up with emergency surgery and my tube being removed and losing my baby, again,

A few months later I had a HSG (xray and dye test to check tubes) and was told my remaining tube flowed, but not as it should. I was basically infertile, whilst I was in for my ectopic the nurse scanning me also noticed that I had polycystic ovaries, another blow.

Me and my then partner then went separate ways, for reasons I do not feel comfortable blogging about just yet, but maybe one day.

Then one of the best days of my life happened, I met the man who is now my husband, my rock, my soul mate. I was very open from the start about my lack of fertility. We moved in together and never used any contraception, because we knew the chance was so tiny and we also knew that we wanted to spend the rest of out lives with each other. After a while we decided we wanted to start a family, we started to pursue being referred for IVF via NHS lines, we then learned that the waiting list in Wales where we live is 2 years plus, the only other was to go private, so we started to look into it.

I started looking online and discovered something called egg sharing, basically you receive nearly free of charge IVF treatment in return for donating half of your eggs to someone who needs them, for me it was a bit of a no brainer, we get our IVF without the wait and I get to help someone who is in a similar position to us.

We started pursuing this in february 2013, we went to the clinic and had our first consultation, we then went on holiday to spain with my family for a week in march, I was meant to start my period before we went, but it never came, I put it down to stress and ignored it, it eventually came a week late, we flew home and the day after I returned to work, I started having pain, I instantly knew what it was, another ectopic, to make sure I went and did a test, it was positive, straight to A&E. I ended up in hospital again but this time I was treated with methotrexate, a chemotherapy drug, which made me very ill.

Due to having this drug I had to put off my IVF for 3 months, as you are not allowed to conceive due to its effects on your folate (folic acid) reserves.

As soon as we could we started our IVF, it was the hardest most draining thing I have ever done in my life, I also ended up with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) which hospitalised me for a week and I will blog about sometime.

Every moment of pain and exhaustion was worth it when we found out we were pregnant, another one of the best days of my life.

Just wanted to give an overall view of our journey and I will blog more in depth about parts of it as time goes on.

Our baby as a 5 day old embryo before transfer:

Iphone September 2013 1061

And here she is during a growth scan at 31 weeks pregnant:

iphone pictures 090414 1346



  1. cocobelle79 · April 9, 2014

    How wonderful! Lovely story 🙂


  2. Irene · April 10, 2014

    Thanks for sharing Becs. Wow you’ve had a rough ride, to be so close to your baby so many times, but to lose her time and time again. So sorry for your losses. A close friend who experienced 2 miscarriages before having her boy once told me she believes it was him all along, just that the first two times he wasn’t quite ready to meet her. I think that’s a lovely way of looking at it. I’m over the moon that she’s finally ready to meet you, can’t wait for you to meet her too xx


    • lovebeckha · April 10, 2014

      That is a very lovely way to think about it. Thanks for reading! I’m so excited to meet her now, I can’t believe I’m due in 7 weeks, pregnancy has flown by! xx


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