My new obsession, cloth bums!

So my new obsession in life is cloth (reusable) nappies, this is for a few reasons;

1. I’m not going to lie, they’re super cute! All the different patterns, the chunky little bums they create and a baby in one just basically makes me want to make those annoying squealing noises that you make when you see so something so adorable you could cry (think puppies, kittens, baby bunnies). I didn’t think it was possible for babies to look cuter than they already are but cloth nappies seem to have this affect.
2. They save money, yes the original out lay may be quite expensive (brand new nappies retail between £5 – £20 each depending on the brand), but if you think about the fact you can buy them to fit from birth to potty (BTP) and they will last that long, how much would you spend on disposables in that time? Also interestingly there is a huge market for preloved cloth nappies, once you’re done with them you can sell them on. Yes, you have to wash them and of course this costs water/electricity but you still make a saving compared to disposables and cloth doesn’t explode, you end up washing baby clothes due this issue with disposables anyway.
3. The environment. What do you do with disposables after you’re done with them? Put them in the bin? And then where do they go? Landfill, yes you can get eco friendly biodegradable disposable nappies but they are expensive. Yes cloth nappies do have an environmental impact, electricity to power the washing machine and water but surely this is better for the environment than chucking disposables in a land fill?

Since my interest started I have noticed a couple of things, some people are obsessed with certain brands and collecting all the prints, people paying £60 for one nappy because it’s a rare print, amazing! Pretty sure that’s not something I will be drawn into because for one we can’t afford it and two it kind of ruins the saving money aspect of using cloth!

My favourite brand for prints and designs at the moment is Totsbots. They’ve just brought out a new collection called story prints which are all based on nursery rhymes and they are all just gorgeous. My favourite is incy wincy basically because I’m a sucker for anything with rainbows on.


So that’s my first instalment on cloth, be warned it’s probably something I’m going to talk about lots!

Here’s a few of the ones I’ve bought this week, will do a full stash (nappy head talk for collection!) picture when I’ve got them all together.




  1. Irene · March 1, 2014

    Let me know how you get on with Tots Bots and Bambino Mio nappies when baby is little. I’ve mainly used the sized Little Lambs bamboo with wraps (Blueberry or Motherease) and started with size one. Used the one size LL all in ones when Y was smaller but found that they leaked a little around the top of his thigh. Also the one size TB and BM ones I have only seem to fit him properly at the smallest sizing option now, and he’s 8 months and a half! I definitely found that using sized nappies when Y was smaller was safer. I was given some size 1 (or small) Imse Vimse all in ones by my sister and they were great. Also worth keeping an eye out for offers on the Nappy Lady and Fill Your Pants, I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for a nappy, they have pretty good deals on every now and then xx


    • lovebeckha · March 1, 2014

      I will do, we won’t be using them from birth due to the whole size thing, I didn’t want to have to spend on teeny fit/newborn nappies then buy a load of BTP. I’ve been given some close pop ins which are meant to be good for small babies as they adjust really small. I keep having people tell me I’m going to have a big baby so may fit in them sooner than later! Haha. Will be writing about cloth regularly so will do a post about them when I start using them. Thanks for the comment! I follow both nappy lady and fill your pants on Facebook so always have an eye out for offers! xx


      • Irene · March 2, 2014

        Also, I just found out that Little Lambs are about to announce a big sale and apparently their sales are epic. Have a look on Facebook, says it should be around 7 March x


      • lovebeckha · March 2, 2014

        Thank you for the tip! x


  2. gillashy · March 10, 2014

    Like on the DIJ facebook page, I think I have the same obsession…. Can’t wait for baby to arrive and start using them!


  3. Katy · April 9, 2014

    I loved using cloth with Edward, even though it was only for a brief time. I really liked Itti Bittis as they fit him really well, and the bambooty ones were good for a slim fitting nappy for under certain outfits. I don’t remember how much they were though. Assuming they’re still going Wee Notions were gorgeous too, but expensive. Edward also got on well with eBay cheapies from china. Xx


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